green internet

why go green?
Your choice in Burly House to host your web site is not only affordable, it directly reduces your carbon footprint.
burly house networks
“how might an Internet & web host provider
...serve you more consciously?”

We provide green web site hosting, secure & ad-free e-mail accounts, domain registration, and web design services.

Our green network and facility is powered using electricity acquired entirely from renewable sources including wind solar, and bio-gas.

green biz is good biz

Switching to a Green Internet hosting plan for your business web site is an effective method of reducing your environmental footprint.

Contact us for assistance with:

  • Web site and Intranet hosting services.
  • Encrypted, advertising-free IMAP e-mail accounts.
  • Internet domain name registrations and renewals.
  • Digital ID and SSL web server certificates.

green web services

Built in our studio with love — your web project is manufactured using 100% renewable energy. With 12 years of hands-on web dev experience, we are ready to serve you.

  • Web design & on-going support packages.
  • Web programming and other custom development.
  • Custom e-commerce systems.

participate in a green internet

The Internet is the most economical and assured method to share your voice and participate with others around the planet.

Switch to one of our Green Internet Hosting plans today and your network services are provided using electricity derived only from clean, sustainable sources including wind, solar, and bio-gas.

For less than $20/month, you can publish your message through a unique address on the public Internet, which is accessible from anywhere in the world.

No other method has the potential to reach so many, with so little cost.

this site is hosted green - no electrons harmed.
indie & green since 2004 in austin, tx.

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