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Look here first before reporting problems. We will do our best to clearly communicate current network status events at this location as they occur.

Network News

Planned Network Events

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Past Events

Historical log of past events which occurred in 2012:

2012 - October
Our shared hosting server Gaia experienced a major hardware failure. The root cause was bad/failed capacitor in the power supply. All customers moved to new server Surya.

Historical log of past events which occurred in 2009:

2009 - July 22nd
The failed UPS has been replaced.
2009 - July 20-21st
We are experiencing some troubles with one of the primary backup UPS system, which has caused a few short periods of downtime due to loss of power. Tech staff is working through the problem, and will be installing a new UPS power system to replace the failing unit.
2009 - Sunday, January 18th
T1 maintenance scheduled. Interruption of service may be possible but not expected. Some reduced network performance may occur during this period.

Log of past events which occurred in 2008:

2008- Wednesday, July 16th
Several software upgrades applied to Gaia. No downtime, but some services may have degraded for short periods while the work was in progress.

Log of past events which occurred in 2007:

2007- November 20th
We lost t1 connectivity due to link failure. All services were affected while techs were called in to swap the line to a different circuit. All services back online after one hour (11:25am-12:35pm).

2007- October 16th
Webmail was offline for a period due to connectivity problems with the secure server. This problem has been fixed.(reported 8:20pm, Oct. 16th 2007; resolved 3:38pm Oct. 17th 2007)

2007- May 22nd
A t1 service outage caused our network to go offline from 10am-2pm CST. The cause was due to a hardware failure with one of our upstream providers.

Log of past events which occurred in 2006:

2006- Jan. 4th
Scheduled maintenance on Sterling will cause slight interruption in some services while the work is being performed. Expected downtime is 5-10 minutes for e-mail and database users. Web hosts should be mostly unaffected. (12:21am)

2006- Oct. 12th
we conduct the big move into our newly-built green network operation center. expected downtime is 30 minutes to 1 hour as we power down our entire network and move it into the new facility. (12:21am)

2006- Oct. 11th
a slight interruption of 5-15 minutes is expected while we reroute our incoming line to prepare for move to the upgraded network operation center. (12:21am)

2006- Sept. 15th
g-noc move-in cancelled - no downtime experienced; task resecheduled for 10/12/06

2006- Sept. 14th
network reroute cancelled - no downtime experienced; task resecheduled for 10/11/06

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