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green internet
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“how might an Internet & web host provider
...serve you more consciously?”

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terms of service

We ask those who have been invited to host services on our network, please:

Each Burly House host is personally and individually responsible for what is posted on the network. Maintain a strong password and usage strategy to protect your account.


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Managed Hosts


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Taxes and Fees

digital millennium copyright act

As a Burly House Networks hosting customer, you are personally and individually responsible (in all contexts) for what you post on the network.

If you post copyrighted material which infringes upon someone else's rights as a copyright owner, your hosting service will be disconnected.

If we are notified by the owner of a copyright who files a valid Takedown Notice, then our policy is to follow the Takedown procedure described below.

Repeated copyright infringements will cause removal of account.

Takedown Procedure

DMCA Takedown and Counter Notice

Account Removal Procedure

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